Growing Region


The first phase is the efficient cultivation of the land respecting integrated production guidelines in order to look after the environment. During the cultivation period different health checks are performed on the land to guarantee that the fruit is growing and ripening correctly.

In the harvesting season the lands are selected whose fruit has reached the ideal state of ripeness, in order to achieve the best quality for all the varieties.

These procedures allow us to offer the customer the freshest and best-tasting fruit.

Once the fruit is in our facilities, it is stored and labelled according to its origin to guarantee the correct traceability of the end product.

The cold chain is maintained throughout the whole process
to guarantee the quality of the product.

Finally, the fruit is transported to the final destination quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing the highest possible quality, freshness and taste for the end customer.

About Region

Elementfresh Elementfresh concentrates most of its production on the Mediterranean Coast which due to its climate and the characteristics of its soil is the best region in the world for growing citrus fruits.

Within the Mediterranean basin we select the best microclimates in order to produce the freshest and best-tasting fruit.

Out of season, we analyse the different production regions in order to import the fruit with the best characteristics regarding our fruit production criteria.